22 September 2005


So, Amory is taking gymnastics on Monday mornings through parks and rec. They recently changed facilities and are now in the East Lawrence Center. It is closer to home, and it's nice to have day classes. He's doing well, but a bit antsy waiting his turn. They mentioned moving him to a 4 year old class, but I don't know.

Tuesdays, Amory takes Hot Shot Tots Sports. He's actually not too bad at batting, kicking and catching. He needs to work on the throw. That's all fine, until he loses interest. I hope to get Corey in cheer on Tuesdays.

Wednesday is karate night. Corey is now a green belt and is very excited because this means she gets to start weapons. Their weapon this time is a fan. Sounds kinda lame, but it's good when you look into the history, and it actually can look cool. She also loves sparring and is saddened that it's not every time, but that happens I guess.

Thursdays, stay home!!!!
Friday too!!!

I am still trying to get Corey in basketball so, I'm sure our days off will cut down, but we love to be busy!