19 May 2008

Sports insanity

Well, if you know me, I like to keep the kids busy.

Amory LOVED indoor soccer. He plans to play again next year and of course he still wants to play basketball next year. They do have a summer league for basketball, but the games are all during the day while we are at work. He's thought about taking gymnastics again, but he's not too sure.

Since I posted last, he's been in karate once a week and just started t-ball. Hopefully, he'll get some maturity about following directions soon. In his karate class, he's learned quite a bit. He knows enough to move up a belt rank I think, but sadly he didn't do it. At testing, some of the things he just refused to do, and then some things he was not allowed to do because of his behavior. It's always been the policy to not let them test if they are not behaving. I knew this, I thought my boy did. So, at graduation night, he was very disappointed when he did not get his belt. He told me he was dropping karate if people keep kicking him out of testing. Of course, he believes it's all Sensei James' fault that he didn't move up. Hopefully I can get him calm enough to sign up again this week and to realize that all he has to do is maintain for an hour a week! Seriously, he needs a new belt. His old one is too small! T-ball has started and Amory thinks it's great. His dad who has been taking him to practice however, thinks it's horrible. Apparently, 14 kindergarten boys running around with bats is just not Kenny's idea of fun. I don't know, I can't wait for the game though. Should be hilarious.

Corey has been doing karate and softball. She's still thinking of dance and gymnastics a little bit, especially now that her old gym is reopen. In karate, she was disappointed too. She moved up, but not as far as she wanted to. She however, realizes that she didn't know all the stuff that she needed and has decided to work on that this summer. Hopefully, I can get her to teach me the purple belt katas because I don't know them very well, and she does. She had a hard time with one steps and self defense, so I can help her with those. (I earned my purple belt this last graduation. She is still ahead of me with her purple belt/orange stripe.) Anyway, softball. What can I say about that? She was so against it for awhile and I didn't know why. Finally, it comes out that she didn't care for the coaching on one team. This year though, she's having a blast. Her coach is amazing. They won their first game, but lost their second. But, I'm really happy to see how Corey is improving in both skill and attitude. She's come a long way. I'm nervous for next year, but still, it should be fun for this year. Her team is called the Rebels and they are purple. Pictures WILL be coming soon!