21 March 2010

Summer sports

Well, Kenny (he's the dad) had his teams first softball practice. Only 4 guys were there, so I got to play in the outfield a bit and Corey got to catch (it's slow pitch, she hates catching, but it's not REAL catching so it's ok.) Anyway, they were still rusty, but Kenny got hit in the face. He's ok now a week out. By the way, I need to get out and run. I'm so out of shape. (That may be pushed back because of a sprained ankle from playing kickball with a group of kids).

Corey's softball team that I coach had two practices/tryouts. We have finally found enough girls. Some have never played before, but looked good raw. I'm sure with some coaching, they will be good little ball players. We had to cancel this week's practice due to SNOW. That was a first for me!

Amory has found a baseball team to play with this summer. They are scheduled for their first practice on Monday. Who knows how that will go. The boy has decided he wants to pitch next year. I am trying to encourage pitching lessons for that. I know the basics and that's IT. He will definitely need the extra help.