19 February 2006


Karate is going well. Corey usually does so much better when her buddy Jasmine isn't there. She goofed off at kata class so much it wasn't even funny. However, she's interested in learning her kata and also some of the harder ones. No, she couldn't test right now over it, but that's ok. Gotta keep practicing. They thought it was cool though that Sensei James's dad was at class Friday night. Kinda neat what's cool to kids. Corey is doing better in sparring, I think this setting this year is awesome for her. She doesn't seemed worried when she fights higher belts anymore (except the teenagers worry her). Gymnastics is the same old same old. I hope that there is a later class for the boys next school year. Amory would love a boy class.

Softball signups are out. Corey wants to stay with the same team. We'll see. I am NOT doing fundraiser though. We WILL pay the $100 instead.

06 February 2006

karate kids

Amory is practicing all the time. Yeah, he's only a white belt, but he loves it. He can't wait until he gets to spar. Not long now (yeah, right).

Corey has been working hard. She has been working on her combos for sparring. It's a bit hard, but she has 3 out of 5 done and written. She actually enjoyed kata class, so I know that's a big plus. She's improved alot on her kata.