13 January 2007

Karate graduation

Corey had her graduation demo the other night for karate. She was a green belt blue stripe, and was hoping to get her blue belt. Well for the demo part, she and a couple other girls (another 3rd grader and her 7th grade sister) did some throws and such. They had a blast. Anyway, when they called her name, she got he same green belt blue stripe. I could tell by her body language she was devastated. However, sensei had said at any time during the semester if they had tape on their belt (meaning they needed to perfect just one thing) they could re-test. Normally they only test once a session. Well, she coped until the end. She came up to me, and burst. Of course, my baby was crying, so I had to cry too. Well, we talked about it, and she understood what she needed to do to get her next belt and she went off to help clean up. A brown belt came up her and told her she did a great job at demo. (Everyone looks up to Jessie, she's a highschooler AND almost a black belt.)

So, we are doing clean up and sensei asked Corey if she had anything she wanted to show him. She decided to go ahead and do it. She passed, but she doesn't get the patch for the thing she did (kata) until it's even better. But, at least she passed. Corey is a blue belt!!!

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