07 January 2010

Really bad

Since I last posted, we've gone through a million seasons it seems. Most recently, Amory finished basketball. He had a great time. I think if he sticks with it, he could be a mad man on defense. Of course, he's not afraid to throw his body around. The rules for his league is basically man to man defense, but his coach told him to get in the middle and basically play zone. It worked out because he would step out if they were looking like they would shoot. He is only 8 and not going to be a star but he had fun, and makes a great contribution to his team. (On the other had, there were some amazingly talented 8 year olds out there, should be fun to watch them as they get older).

Before that was football for the boy. Lawrence has a nice youth football league. I had Amory play for the Lightning, and I think it was the best fit for him. The coaches were amazing and even though Amory thought it was hard, he had a ton of fun and so far wants to play again next year. I hope to get him to do some running when he can get outside more. That's where he struggles. He's a big kid and has little endurance for running.

Before that, there was softball and baseball. Karate was almost an afterthought this summer since for the first time, I coached the girls' softball team. We had a diverse team of 12u girls, and we did ok. We played some amazing games and lost a few we should have won, but that's how it goes. Next year will be even better. Corey says softball is her sport (even though I'm not letting her quit karate, and wish she'd get interested in other sports to help her in the off season). Amory played his first year of baseball and it was coach pitch. He loved it. He went to spring break camp at KU for baseball, and we are looking at some of the other camps for this year. I have no idea what this summer will bring him baseball wise. The team he played on is moving up and he's not really ready to move up to 9u yet. He could be if he was focused, but he's not and that's ok.

Anyway, hopefully I can get back into posting more!