13 August 2008


it's been about two months since I posted in here. Amory and Corey both finished their ball seasons at the beginning of July. I have pictures I will put in this post. Corey took the summer off of karate and Amory ended up getting burned out, so he took the rest of the summer off. I am going on my own, which is kinda nice since I don't have to worry about the boy, but kinda weird because it IS a children's group. Oh well, the kids there are all great. Tonight is graduation/demo but only a few people tested over the summer session, and while I was one, I don't think I did great. That was to be expected, but I wanted to try.

Now, on to Fall. Both kids are being weird about what to do this fall. Last year, Amory did basketball and Corey was mad when I didn't sign her up. Well, this year, they are both saying no. Amory is leaning a bit towards going back to gymnastics, but has asked about going to swim team. He's not quite good enough yet, but we will work on it. Corey has said no to everything. I'm strongly encouraging her to go back to karate though. She's really good at it, and likes it a lot. She just likes to sit around, but actually enjoys herself when we make her go to things. We'll see.

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