19 December 2005


The kids had their first bowling experience this weekend. It was fun. Corey wasn't too bad. Amory had lots of energy. Might have to take them again. Haven't thought about leagues, don't know how much the kids like it.

16 December 2005

Ok, so the the repost, etc.

The long post talked about Corey loving her gymnastics class at G-Force. Amory has really taken a liking to it there and was begging to quit parks and rec to go there. He was doing awesome at parks and rec. He has so much fun on the trampoline and bars. He finished up the session and did great! I did promise him that he could go to g-force if he really wanted to.

Also, I mentioned Corey's karate tournament. It's always fun. Corey really improved. She participated in strongest and fastest hitting and kicking. She also did the escape drill. There were a ton of kids in each of her groups, so, it was really hard to move up to the top and in one group she got a 4th place finish and there was very little difference between 1st and 4th. Oh well, that's life. As long as she had fun.

So, on to NOW.

Amory is officially at g-force. He had his first class last night and was super hyper, but his teacher was fine with that. She just channeled it better. Amory has decided to be a cheerleader in college. The KU spirit squad practices when we are watching Corey. He doesn't care about her, he just loves watching those guys flip and the girls fly. He will be starting karate soon. He's really excited and has already picked up some of the stuff from his sister.

Corey had her belt testing. She thinks she did well. I hope so. I can't get her to practice, so who knows. I know her buddy Grayson knew the whole kata. Corey knew very little of it. As for the other stuff, I know she knew the lapel grab (for example) and she forgot kinda what to do AT the test. I peeked in and saw tears in her eyes. Hope she practices more. We talked about it, hope she remembers that in the future.

26 November 2005

I made a long post

and it's gone. I'll do it again later.

08 November 2005

small update

Ok, so Amory is in gymnastics. He's doing well. He figured out the somersault and can do a flip over the bars. He's going through parks and rec. He just had his last class in session 1. He will start session 2 next week. However, the boy wants to switch to g-force. It will be more money, but they have male instructors and it looks like fun. It only offers floor and trampoline, but he says he's ok with that.

Corey is still liking karate. She's struggling on pushups. She refuses to listen when given pointers. She claims her pe teacher taught her a certain way, and I have a very hard time believing that. Anyway, she chose not to test for her fitness merit badge. She's lost her fan, and is whining about that. Apparently, it's my job to find it. Tournament is this weekend. That should be fun. She is NOT doing sparring at it. She didn't want to wait all night. She was so tired after last years tournament. I wonder why it has to be last!

I ran into one lady who had a kid in Corey's same karate class last year and she said that she couldn't bring her kids any more because the Wednesday was not working for their schedule. It wasn't my first choice either, but luckily, we were fine.

Corey had her third practice in her cheer class. She's really coming along. She loves the trampoline. She looks like she's having a blast when I watch it.

27 October 2005


So, Corey started cheer this week. She's at G-force. She loves it. It's an 85 minute class and I watched part of it. She was doing well and fit right in. Well, while she was jumping on the trampoline, the KU spirit squad came in to practice. She was so excited! She is excited also to learn cartwheels and stuff like that too. I think this is going to be great for her!

No karate this week. Amory keeps reminding me that he's "four years old" and can do karate now. Can't wait until January. Sorry Sensei James, he's bringing a buddy too! Good thing you are so awesome with the wild ones.

06 October 2005

Ahh, Stress

So, Corey didn't get signed up for basketball. I won't blame anyone as things happen, but I'm a bit sad. She LOVES basketball and I don't know if she realizes yet that she's not in. She's got karate still and we are going to go over and sign her up for her cheer class soon. I wanted to do that today, but that's where the stress sets in, there is NO time in my days this week.

Amory is still enrolled in hot shot tots sports. I think he hates it. He throws himself down and refuses to participate. I leave there angry so it's not good for either of us. However, he loves gymnastics and can't wait for karate to start again next session because he will be finally 4. That will be great for him, but also it will suck. Corey is a green belt and Amory will of course be in white belt. That means we get to go to tournament for about 11 hours. :) What fun!

22 September 2005


So, Amory is taking gymnastics on Monday mornings through parks and rec. They recently changed facilities and are now in the East Lawrence Center. It is closer to home, and it's nice to have day classes. He's doing well, but a bit antsy waiting his turn. They mentioned moving him to a 4 year old class, but I don't know.

Tuesdays, Amory takes Hot Shot Tots Sports. He's actually not too bad at batting, kicking and catching. He needs to work on the throw. That's all fine, until he loses interest. I hope to get Corey in cheer on Tuesdays.

Wednesday is karate night. Corey is now a green belt and is very excited because this means she gets to start weapons. Their weapon this time is a fan. Sounds kinda lame, but it's good when you look into the history, and it actually can look cool. She also loves sparring and is saddened that it's not every time, but that happens I guess.

Thursdays, stay home!!!!
Friday too!!!

I am still trying to get Corey in basketball so, I'm sure our days off will cut down, but we love to be busy!

11 August 2005

Fall sports

Turns out that the fall softball league is only for older girls, and you have to register as a team. Corey mentioned at one point that she wanted to take football. I don't know if she still does, but regardless, we missed the cutoff for it, I believe. I don't know the contact info on that.

Karate will be starting soon. I'd LOVE to get both kids in this. Also starting soon will be gymnastics. Amory takes them through parks and rec and I think I'll keep him there. Corey is wanting to do cheer, so I'm looking at G-Force athletics to get her in there for tumbling/cheer. I think she will love it.


I never did post about the kids doing swim lessons. They took lessons at Alvamar this year. A great friend of ours offered to transport, so I quickly agreed. It was a bit pricy, but it was basically private lessons. Only my two and my friends two were in class and there were two classes, so that means a 2:1 ratio! Anyway, Amory took level one and aced it. He is quite the natural in the water. He BEGGED the teacher to let him do the boards. He loved it.

Amory got the idea to go off boards when he saw his sister do it the day before. She was VERY nervous, but she managed. She completed the level 2 class.

15 July 2005

Last game

Well, Corey had her last game on the 14th. She did well and played right field and shortstop. She was asked to catch again, but she didn't get to. We met the time limit. It was another hot game. I'm sad that the season is over, but I'm not all that sad that we won't be toasting.

Corey struck out one inning. She was devastated. I know that feeling, but it happens to everyone. Then, she hit another homer. That kid was beaming. The next hit she got she made it to base, but ended up stranded on 2nd. Then the last hit of the season, she hit to the pitcher who scooped it up and threw her out at first. I thought the world had come to an end. She did get an rbi for that though. She wouldn't listen that it was a good thing.

Corey loved her season and hopes to play in the fall. I need to make some calls to see how likely that will be.

11 July 2005

July 10th

No pictures this time. Man, this game was HOT. The King Cobras were set to take the field at 4:30. We were out warming up as early as 3:45. The game didn't start until nearly 5:00. WOW it was a toasty one! I didn't play or even help in the dugout, but I was drenched. Corey told her coach she was sick and couldn't play catcher this time. Oh well. Her hitting wasn't as good either, but the girls did so well.

08 July 2005

July 8th

We went to Tristan's (a good friend of ours) t-ball game. Some of these boys are going to be great later in their little league careers. One boy looked like a big leaguer when got up to bat. Never mind that he was the smallest guy on his team!

Tristan was great. He goes all out and gives 100% every time he's doing something. He goes for the ball EVERY time. No playing in the dirt for him. He loves this game and has a natural talent. I loved seeing him grab the ball and run for the base every time.

Check out this picture of him sizing up the guy on first. Looks like he's thinking, "I WILL get you out."

07 July 2005

July 7th's game

Corey plays for the LGFPA U8 King Cobras. They played against the "red" team called the cardinals. There are some amazing hitters on that Cardinal team. One girl, Caly, is also a wonderful fielder. You have to love watching these young teams. This girl Caly was playing at the pitching position. In the U8 league, it's all coach pitch. So, this ball is popped up, which you don't see much of in this league. Caly caught the fly. Everyone in the crowd (even the parents of the "green" team) was yelling about how great a catch it was. However, she didn't know what to do with it once she had it. Beautiful catch, and lots of fun.

Now, on to MY kid. Corey played fabulously. She played secondbase and also right field. She's starting to really get the concept of going after the ball and really trying. Too bad there's only two games after this. Well, also, she got a home run. That was just great to see. She ran as fast as her little legs could go!

06 July 2005


The weather today was great. Add that to a 7pm practice, and you can't beat it. Corey and her teammates seem to really be improving. Some of them are actually catching the ball and throwing. Hitting is also improving.

They have a game tomorrow at 6pm! I am so glad my camera is fixed. I haven't taken a single softball picture all season!

01 July 2005

I've decided

I'm going to make this a blog of sports. Of course, since I only go to little league, it will be about that.

Now, Corey - my 7 year old daughter- is in softball. She had practice last night, but it was rained out. I don't like her coach all that much, so I'll be coaching next year. Should be fun.

30 June 2005

Guess what?

I don't ever post in my blog! Woohoo!

We went to the firestation today for a field trip. It rained.

27 May 2005

Just something funny

Kids are just too funny. This kid the other day kept putting her hand up in the air like the whole Hitler thing. So the aide in my room tells her, "Mary, no hiel Hitler's in this room." The kid (6 years old) looks at her and says straight faced, "I don't know any of those new dances." I about fell out of my chair it was that funny.