23 February 2011


It's been a whole year since I came on here venting about that team that CHEATS. They did in fact play 12u. The good news is we beat them. The bad news is NONE of their 13s showed up for the game. I am thinking it was because they KNEW I'd be frustrated, but I honestly don't think those 3 girls would have made a difference. It's more the point. I still am thinking of getting the patches from LL saying "I don't cheat". My daughter wants them.

Ok, so what's up for this year? We are still recruiting for this season. Have a decent core group of girls, we just need to build on it. We are playing 14u this year since the girl is born in 1997. Honestly, of the returning players, she's the only one that HAS to play up, but guess what, we don't cheat. We hope to get more 97s though. I'd like to keep a solid group together. We've been practicing for a month now. Good indoor stuff.

The boy? He did basketball, loved the group he played with, did well. Now, he was looking for a team to play on for baseball. We lucked out. A friend suggested him to their son's coach and he got picked up without a tryout. He's happy and less stressed! He will be playing for the Heat. He's ready. We need to get him back to his pitching lessons though. Too much sitting around.

Now, if the weather would be good, we'd get outside and play!