19 January 2006


So, Amory had his first karate class. He did ok except having to go to the bathroom all night. He was so excited. I'm not sure that I'll sign in as a parent helper unless it's for safe shield. Just depends on how he does. Last night was a long night because we have a lot of sitting around. Next week though, we will be at the 6:30 class for Amory (as well as Haven, Tristan, Valdez, and Angel). Then Corey's class is at 8. It's a longer class, but that's fine. I'm trying to convince her that the kata class is a great idea. We'll see. All she cares about now is the sparring class.

Oh, and on the gymnastics front, Corey's friend Aubrey joined and so now she has a buddy there.

12 January 2006


Corey's been improving on her gymnastics. She has been practicing, and of course, she's been on the trampoline almost every day since christmas.

Amory, still wild, but awesome at gymnastics. Probably because he has NO fear!

Corey got her green belt white stripe. I know she tried really hard in her mind, I just need to convince her that if she only practices a day or two before testing, it's not the same as if you were that diligent the whole session. She's mad that Grayson knew the whole kata. Not my fault the 5 year old friend practices everyday.

Anyway, Amory starts karate this time! Just a week away! Should be great. I personally will be tired, but oh well.