27 October 2005


So, Corey started cheer this week. She's at G-force. She loves it. It's an 85 minute class and I watched part of it. She was doing well and fit right in. Well, while she was jumping on the trampoline, the KU spirit squad came in to practice. She was so excited! She is excited also to learn cartwheels and stuff like that too. I think this is going to be great for her!

No karate this week. Amory keeps reminding me that he's "four years old" and can do karate now. Can't wait until January. Sorry Sensei James, he's bringing a buddy too! Good thing you are so awesome with the wild ones.

06 October 2005

Ahh, Stress

So, Corey didn't get signed up for basketball. I won't blame anyone as things happen, but I'm a bit sad. She LOVES basketball and I don't know if she realizes yet that she's not in. She's got karate still and we are going to go over and sign her up for her cheer class soon. I wanted to do that today, but that's where the stress sets in, there is NO time in my days this week.

Amory is still enrolled in hot shot tots sports. I think he hates it. He throws himself down and refuses to participate. I leave there angry so it's not good for either of us. However, he loves gymnastics and can't wait for karate to start again next session because he will be finally 4. That will be great for him, but also it will suck. Corey is a green belt and Amory will of course be in white belt. That means we get to go to tournament for about 11 hours. :) What fun!