07 July 2005

July 7th's game

Corey plays for the LGFPA U8 King Cobras. They played against the "red" team called the cardinals. There are some amazing hitters on that Cardinal team. One girl, Caly, is also a wonderful fielder. You have to love watching these young teams. This girl Caly was playing at the pitching position. In the U8 league, it's all coach pitch. So, this ball is popped up, which you don't see much of in this league. Caly caught the fly. Everyone in the crowd (even the parents of the "green" team) was yelling about how great a catch it was. However, she didn't know what to do with it once she had it. Beautiful catch, and lots of fun.

Now, on to MY kid. Corey played fabulously. She played secondbase and also right field. She's starting to really get the concept of going after the ball and really trying. Too bad there's only two games after this. Well, also, she got a home run. That was just great to see. She ran as fast as her little legs could go!

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