08 November 2005

small update

Ok, so Amory is in gymnastics. He's doing well. He figured out the somersault and can do a flip over the bars. He's going through parks and rec. He just had his last class in session 1. He will start session 2 next week. However, the boy wants to switch to g-force. It will be more money, but they have male instructors and it looks like fun. It only offers floor and trampoline, but he says he's ok with that.

Corey is still liking karate. She's struggling on pushups. She refuses to listen when given pointers. She claims her pe teacher taught her a certain way, and I have a very hard time believing that. Anyway, she chose not to test for her fitness merit badge. She's lost her fan, and is whining about that. Apparently, it's my job to find it. Tournament is this weekend. That should be fun. She is NOT doing sparring at it. She didn't want to wait all night. She was so tired after last years tournament. I wonder why it has to be last!

I ran into one lady who had a kid in Corey's same karate class last year and she said that she couldn't bring her kids any more because the Wednesday was not working for their schedule. It wasn't my first choice either, but luckily, we were fine.

Corey had her third practice in her cheer class. She's really coming along. She loves the trampoline. She looks like she's having a blast when I watch it.

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