15 May 2006

karate graduation

I'll put up pics soon, but anyway. Amory got his yellow belt. So excited. I can't believe how excited he was. We were leaving and he kept saying "I just knew I'd get it." Now he's set to spar. LOOK OUT! I told the big girls to go ahead and knock him down a few times. They said no because he was too cute. Damn teenagers. Anyway, Corey moved to green belt black stripe. She knows all the stuff on the curriculum, but she doesn't test well. She looks around and sees what others are doing. Too bad, she knows more than some of them! And kata, forget it. Corey was mad that her buddy Grayson got a higher belt than her. The thing is, Grayson actually worked on her kata. Now, I need to learn it so that I can get Corey to learn it. That's ok though.

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