17 July 2006

Mid Summer update

Today was the last softball game of the season. It was so freaking hot today. Luckily, today was also karate tournament. That means legit excuse to not be in the heat! Summer tournament rules. Hardly anyone there, and it was so low key. Amory did very well, behaviour wise. He had alot of fun. He did the best at escape drill and had a big grin the entire time he was doing it. Sure, he got a medal, but he was 4th place, and it looked like he was the smallest in his group that time. Corey did really well too. She got third in strongest punch this time. She did great at sparring. She ended up losing her match, but I thought she showed so much imporvement. That's the important part.

Softball was so fun this season. The last practice was parents vs. kids. The kids really enjoyed it. I think most of the parents did too. Corey wasn't really wanting the season to end. There is supposed to be a get-together to get medals and such.

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