20 November 2006


I haven't updated in months. MONTHS! That's because things are very calm around here this semester. All we have is karate for Corey and gymnastics for both of them. Corey still refuses to do her kata and I don't even know if she's been practicing it. A step in the right direction though is that she said that she plans on doing kata at a tournament sometime soon. That said, we didn't do tournament this year. Corey wasn't really motivated to do it, and ultimately, I wasn't forcing her. She does practice on the wavemaster a lot though.

Gymnastics is always great. Corey's come along way. Amory is a maniac on the trampoline. He's really learning so much in a smaller class size. I haven't decided what to do with him for next semester. Keep him in the preschool class or send him to the boys only group where he'd be on the younger side. I'll have to talk to his teacher.

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