12 February 2007

The evil one

(That would be Amory for those that don't know him).

Amory is now in a boys only class at gymnastics and is liking it a lot. They do things you don't see in the other classes. They go wild but it's usually a controlled chaos. Anyway, the boy loves his gymnastics class and his coaches.

Sadly, Amory has second child issues. He's never played preschool soccer, taken preschool music class or preschool art. In fact, he's only been in preschool since January. He'll have half a year under his belt when kindergarten starts where his sister had a full year. He recently told me he wants to play tennis. I'll have to look into that for summer.

He did go back to karate. He's not doing well with the sitting quietly part though. Sparring, he loves. We will see how it all works out.


L.A. Daddy said...

Man, it's so cool that your kids love to be active. I was always out playing as a kid, but didn't really get to do the organized stuff. Keep it up - they'll thank you for it... someday. Probably when they're, like, 43 or something. But they will. I think.

nikki said...

When they are 43? Crap that's along time for appreciation. We spend our time running around town. Big fun.