20 August 2007

Small update.

So, I haven't updated in over a month. Is it because we weren't doing anything? No, of course not. We did finish up the summer softball season. They had a lot of fun this year and improved so much. We just ended the summer session of karate. Corey moved up to purple belt/white stripe. A small step, but a step none-the-less. She also got patches for tonfa and fan. She had to write papers as the main thing for this, and then demonstrate how to use it. We left there and she was the only one to get patches for the weapons. I told her it was because her mom was mean and made her do the papers. She agreed, but said that it was a good thing I was so mean or she wouldn't have gotten them. I guess she at least knows WHY sometimes parents are mean.

Well, in the past month, Corey thought about doing football. I told her it was her choice, but that it's everyday except Monday. That would mean nothing else. She couldn't decide. Then we got info on a softball tryout for the fall. She decided this was something she wanted to do. Well, that ruled football out. I guess we found something she liked better. I'm kinda happy because football is such a huge commitment and what if she hated it. Anyway, the softball stuff is going well. It's funny, they were only practicing/tryouts for about an hour and I saw improvement already. This should be good.

Karate starts back in the first week of September. So does gymnastics. We'll be running again soon!


L.A. Daddy said...

Very cool. My big fear as a parent is that LA Toddler won't have any big interest in sports. I certainly won't push her to do anything, but I do hope she finds something she likes. And I can't wait for it all to happen.

nikki said...

Well, interestingly, we just came to the "I don't want to push them" thing today. My daughter LOVES softball, but all of a sudden she decided to drop out. I'm so frustrated. She does this when she thinks she's not "good enough". She did it for awhile in karate, now she loves karate. I can't believe she dropped though. I so wanted to force her though because she loves it. I'm broken up over it.

L.A. Daddy said...

L.A. Toddler just had her first taste of Karate yesterday at Daycare.

She couldn't stop talking about it.