04 February 2008

Another sport filled post

So, what's up these days?

We've recently become less busy. Why? Did the kids give up sports? No. Sadly, the place they did gymnastics is closed. They had the option to go clear across town, but I wasn't ok with that. They could have chosen parks and rec or just take a break. Both are taking a break right now. So Amory may never be a KU yell leader.

Amory started his soccer career this weekend though. He is playing indoor soccer for the first time. His practices are on Wednesdays just like karate so he's busy that night. At his game, he did well running, but then acted like he was going to die after he ran the ball in. He also played goalie. That is something he does well. He likes throwing himself on the ground.

Amory has decided to learn his kata so he can try for his blue belt. I think I know most of my kata to earn my purple. Time will tell how we do. Corey is hoping to get her orange belt. THAT is major. So far in class, I've had a 7th grader whine about not being able to do stuff and then a 4th grader flip me. Fun stuff.

Anyway, sign up for softball has come out. Hope that Corey's on the team she wants.

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