20 April 2010


So, I'm frustrated. I decided to help out on the board of directors for LGFPA (Lawrence Girls Fastpitch Association). Sounds good in theory. Should be fun and I want to continue to grow the league. Within a few days of being on this governing committee, I find out there is a 12u team that is playing kids that aren't 12u. So, thinking it was my responsibility, I asked about the rules. I'm informed that it' not allowed to play down. The Parks and Rec people ask me what team I'm talking about and call and ask about it. Either they told the coach it was me, or the coach figured it out that it was me that asked about the ages. Either way, I'm the one causing issues. Not the ones who are cheating YES CHEATING by trying to play girls that aren't eligible. I get a call from the league saying it's taken care of and wondering what my "history" was with this coach. Apparently I have "history" with them. I didn't know I did. But, it's taken care of.

So, forward to today. I go to the coaches' meeting and that same coach is still sitting with a 12u team. I didn't even ask about it. I just left it alone. Supposedly it's dealt with. But, now I'm at home and stewing. I try to be reasonable, but now my kid is involved. They apparently told their players that I was causing issues for them. Their players then go to school and tell the girl, "We heard what your mom did to us." When Corey asked what they were talking about they told her it didn't matter because they were allowed to play the 13s anyway. So, they either lied to Parks and Rec or their players, or something. Or, Parks and Rec lied about the age thing being strict. It's NOT cool, regardless.

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