27 March 2006

karate tournament

So, tournament (or tourmanet if you are 4) was great and horrible all at once. Amory's session (also attended by Tristan, Haven and another 4 year old friend of ours, Valdez) was interesting. In the first event, Amory was near the front of the group for strongest punch. Being the socialite that he is, he walked around and didn't cut to get his spot back, and ended up near the end of the line. I don't know that he would have gotten a trophy, but he definitely didn't. He got a medal and was so excited (you will ALWAYS get a metal at these events). He thought it was the best time in the world! Valdez got a 2nd place trophy in that event and that was wonderful! All the kids thought it fun. That continued until the 4th event...

Fourth event, it's getting to be later. For some reason, Valdez punched Amory. I have no idea why and I'm sure Haven knows, but at this point, no one cares so I didn't ask. Valdez had a freakout. I guess he thought he was in trouble. He refused to respond, then he just cried and cried. Their sensei came over and tried to seperate them and such. Valdez refused to finish fastest kick.

So, I went to get Corey's registration forms and Monica took Valdez to get the other two when they finished. Amory had a meltdown. Kenny couldn't go help because we had so much stuff in the stands (purses, cameras, etc.) Anyway, so she gets him out of there. Valdez settles down, does the last event. Amory never settles down, just keeps screaming "I want to lay down". He doesn't do the last event. I fall victim to my stress and tell him he owes me $6 but whatever. Haven said she was done and also doesn't do the last event.

Amory was fine once we were out the door. Tristan, you'll notice no mention of him. He was a trooper. Towards the end, they were calling seven year olds for their next event while they were still on the floor for the previous thing. He just went along. I'm sure he was stressed, but he was fine.

All in all, it was a fun time. The four year olds were VERY tired. But that's nothing compared to the older kids.

Anyway, keep in mind that we left town around 7 and were at the tournament with the white belts just after 8am.

So, Corey was registered for all events she could except kata and weapons kata. She felt that she wasn't ready and of course that's fine. We go through all the events. Strongest punch, she improved so much this year but earned a medal. I reminded her it was about doing your best and that she did beat her best, so no worries. Next event, strongest kick. I'm watching from the stands. As I see Corey approaching the bag, I decide to go down and take a few more pictures.

So, all the time Corey is in line for strongest kick, she's flirting with a boy. I'm thinking to myself, how are you EVER going to do well in an event where you aren't even paying attention. Well, she gets up there and kicks so hard I couldn't believe it! Ends up that she took first place. This is the first time she WON a trophy. She's brought trophies home, because they have a trade up system, but this one, she won all on her own, and it was a FIRST PLACE trophy.

She goes throught fastest fist and fastest kick. She isn't so good at these because she pulls back when she hears the signal. She does hit it hard though. She ends up with medals in both those.

Finally, she's called for escape drill. It's 5pm at this point. I know what time it is because I text message my friend that has Amory. I tell her only two more events, and she'd been called for one. All day the announcers were saying "we will be here until 8." SURE, that may have been the intention. At 6:30, she came off the floor on that event. She sat in line for 90 minutes! I was crabby, but I let it go. Then, one big kid got injured on this event and action was at a stand still. They got an ambulance and the kid finished his day with a ride to the hospital. Never has there been an injury that I've seen. He kicked the bag wrong and hurt his knee really bad. I feel so bad for this kid.

At 8:30, they get called for sparring. (there were kata events in between, so it's not that it took that long). She gets suited up for sparring, and off she goes. My friend that had Amory called and said just leave him. It's getting so late and the boys are fine, pick him up in the morning. THANK GOODNESS! I can't imagine how he'd act at this, he was so crabby when he left.

So, anyway, she finally gets up there to spar at 9:30. Sensei James was one of the judges and that made Corey happy. She got some good kicks in and did really well. She ended up losing that first round. If you lose your first one you are out. She was sent off to get her sparring award. Some of the judges were keeping the kids the whole time. Luckily James let his kids go.

Well, Corey gets out of there, looks at me and said, "I lost, I don't care." She was READY to leave. We leave the venue at 10pm.

Well, since Amory wasn't an issue, we ate and finally got home around 1am.

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Ev|Gen|us said...

didn't have time to read the whole thing, but I liked all the pictures from tourmanet 8-) thanks

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