16 April 2006

Ahh yeah

So, Corey started dance in March. It was a hip hop class. She ended dance in March. She decided this really wasn't her style. That's life. You can't like everything.

We got the call yesterday that softball is starting up. She goes on Tuesday for her first practice. I know she's ready to get going to that. Softball is a favorite of hers. Amory is going to sign up for blastball. That's what they do here before kindergarten and t-ball.

Both kids are still in karate and gymnastics. I'm impressed with Amory. Gymnastics is not too difficult for him, but he goes full force all the time. However, in karate, he acts up so I don't think that he's paying too much attention. However, he does know more than I thought he did. He's got all the defense moves, I think he's got his blocks and punches. He knows his kicks most of the time. He can NOT wait to get his yellow belt so he can start sparring. I can't wait for him to get his green belt so we only have to go to one session at tournament. However, he does love it, that's great. Corey is getting better all the time at gymnastics. I hope that she keeps the great attitude. In karate, she's finally getting her kata. She can do it, she just needs the confidence to do it on her own.

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